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Bleach Design Werks X BlackHeart

United by the shared philosophy that life’s wilder on two wheels, The Bleach Design Werks x BlackHeart capsule in collaboration with MAAP is a collective jam forged in the hills and streets of Los Angeles – The spiritual home to Bleach founder Mikey Ojeda’s creative remix of moto culture and BlackHeart’s passionate community. 

"I wanted to speak to the those who are currently cycling and then speak to this world that either doesn't know about cycling or maybe fearful of cycling. I want them to see familiar faces like Boo and think, 'Alright, I can step out of what I'm comfortable in and realise I can be comfortable in something like that too.'" – Mikey

To celebrate Bleach’s newly developed BlackHeart Allroad AL bike in collaboration with SRAM, Zipp, Hunt Wheels, Fizik, and Vittoria, an accompanying capsule of performance apparel from MAAP has been rewerked in new limited edition designs - each item specially designed with Mikey’s singular vision and free-wheelin’ ethos. 

Enjoy the ride. It's good out there.

Allroad BLEACH
Allroad BLEACH
Allroad BLEACH
Allroad BLEACH
Allroad BLEACH
Allroad BLEACH
Allroad BLEACH
Allroad BLEACH

Allroad BLEACH



“Bleach is really just an expression of who I am through motorcycles and through apparel. Motorcycles have been pretty much everything to me since I was five years old.” Mikey Ojeda - Founder, Bleach Design Werks. 

Infusing motorcycle culture with pop culture, skate and the best of the LA scene, Mikey was born to light it up. Commissioned by the A-List and collaborating with the likes of BMW, Deus and Lando Norris’ Quadrant, Bleach’s visual statements and free wheelin’ ethos are redefining what sport and culture can be.

Stripped, polished, painted by hand, and built how Mikey likes to ride.

Delivery is typically 4-6 weeks.



BlackHeart double butted 7005 aluminum frame
Wolf Tooth seatpost clamp
Wolf Tooth Premium IS42/IS52 headset
Wolf Tooth 12mm (1.5 x 164mm) thru axle
BSA english threaded bottom bracket
Di2 ready
Third water bottle cage mount
34.9mm front derailleur hanger size
Max chainring 50/35 double, 44 single
Max 700c tires = 40mm
Max 650b tires = 50mm

BlackHeart carbon fiber fork
47mm offset
400mm axle to crown
Wolf Tooth 12mm (1.5 x 118.5mm) thru axle

Zipp SL Speed Carbon
20mm offset

Size 54 Build (no pedals) = 17lb 14oz

Size 54 Frame = 1510 grams
Fork = 480 grams
Seatpost = 187 grams

Rider weight limit = 210 lb / 95 kg

We independently test to CPSC 1512 and ISO 4210 standards in Southern California and offer a lifetime warranty on titanium frames and seatposts as well as our carbon forks and seatposts, and aluminum frames carry a 5 year warranty against manufacturer defects for the original owner.

MAAP X Bleach

Apparel available through Luft

MAAP X Bleach

Apparel available through Luft

MAAP X Bleach

Apparel available through Luft

MAAP X Bleach

Apparel available through LUFT

Bleach Design Werks

Mikey Ojeda

Mikey is the founder of Bleach Design Werks and part of the LA cycling community. Born in LA, he turned a passion for motorcycles into Bleach in 2019, merging youth, hip hop and skateboarding inspiration to create a new style of bikes unseen.



Boo Johnson

Boo is a pro skateboarder, owner of Long Beach Pharmacy Boardshop, and also runs JHF (Just Have Fun), his own clothing brand. He found cycling as a way to stay fit without the impact of skateboarding and is recognized for his style and positive attitude.


Jess Meany

Jess is an LA-based fashion designer who has become a beacon in the local cycling community. You can usually find her testing the legs on the weekly group rides... if you can catch her.


James Kirkham

James is the founder of Race Service, an automotive culture hub & creative agency in LA. He also co-founded Donut Media, an American automotive content brand known primarily for its eponymous YouTube channel and online merchandise store.




We offer 8 sizes to fit you better, from ~ 5'0" to ~ 6'7".

For riders in between sizes, it is recommended that women size down and men size up.

Note, BlackHeart sizing is typically one size larger than other brands.
For example, if you ride a size 54 carbon road bike you're likely a BlackHeart size 56.