You can view the geometry and size chart for the Allroad Ti and AL bikes here.


We manufacture our frames, forks, and seat posts across multiple factories in Taiwan and China. We know we know, Taiwan/China. But the truth is that the majority of bikes are made there because of their large-scale manufacturing expertise.

There are also many options for US-made bikes already in the market, but we wanted to provide a quality product at a price that is accessible to more people.

We do our best to work with US-based companies where we can. The folks at Cane Creek, Wolf Tooth, BBinfinite, and King Cage are amazing and we truly value our partnerships with them.

Long term, our goal is to bring manufacturing in house state side.

The raw Titanium used in our frames is mined in China and then refined, manufactured into tubing, and welded in a few factories in Taiwan and China.

You can buff out any scratches or wear marks from bags with 3M Scotch-Brite 7447 (maroon).

Buff with the existing grain around the tubes and avoid the logos.

After the frame is clean, you can restore the original shine with stainless steel applicance cleaner.

We don't have sales in order to ensure a consistent customer experience and offer customers the best price possible at all times.

However, we offer a few discounts as detailed below.

Military Discount

We do offer a 10% discount on frameset value for active duty and retired military personnel:
- $150 off aluminum framesets & builds
- $300 off titanium framesets & builds

Accessories & Apparel

Use code "ADDON" for 20% off in-stock accessories and apparel when adding to a frameset or build purchase.

Local Pickup

USE Code "LUFTPICKUP" to pick up your order for free at our sister bike shop, Luft, at 1930 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291.

We have visited our factories in person, employ a local quality control specialist in Asia, and independently test our frames, forks, and seat posts to CSPC 1512 and ISO 4210 standards in Southern California to ensure they are built to the highest standards.

Because of this we offer a lifetime warranty on our titanium frames and seatposts, and a 5 year warranty on aluminum frames, carbon forks, and carbon seatposts.