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BlackHeart Bike Company – Anthem

The BlackHeart "RAILS on road // RIPS off road" story brought to life in 90 seconds.

SAFA Brian – Dream Descents in Gravel Land

I pulled up a little late for this ride with Andrew, but that just meant a great sunset on the climb. By the time we hit the descent daylight was starting to run out. This was my first time riding near the Jet Propulsion Lab (, but it's one of Andrew's favorite loops so he had the course on lock and initiated turbos to get us down in good time.

Credit: SAFA Brian

The Bike Sauce – BlackHeart Review

A road-oriented titanium all-road bike that's as timeless as it is capable on and off road. Find out why the BlackHeart Bike Co. titanium all-road bike is so fun and flickable in this in-depth review.

Credit: The Bike Sauce

SAFA Brian – Andrew Jackson riding the Verdugos

Plunge into the gloom with Andrew as he rips down the Verdugos testing grip levels all the way down.

Credit: SAFA Brian

Alex Colorito – Gravel Paradise

The diversity of terrain and quality of riding a bike in Los Angeles is second to none. Thanks to the kind folks at Blackheart Bike Co. I had the chance to test out one of their demo bikes, the tagline is "Rails on Road // Rips off Road". After some heavy riding I couldn't agree more with that mantra. The sense of freedom that gravel bikes provide is something I have never felt before. From trails & views that few will ever see, to some of the best paved descents anywhere; this is pure bliss.

Credit: Alex Colorito

OKOM 01 – Horseshoe Meadow Rd

BlackHeart Bike Company founder Zach Lambert launches a new content series aimed at riding epic routes at a leisurely pace most anyone can enjoy. Times don't matter in this world, instead it's the environment that takes center stage.

BlackHeart Bike Co x The Johnson Party

Our friends who make up The Johnson Party wrote and performed a song we love, "Can't let the bastards win". It was too good not do a second version.