Custom Paint

Make it yours

We believe riding is not just exercise; it's an expression of who you are, how you ride, and who you want to be.

In a world of generic, carbon-copy bikes and paint jobs, BlackHeart introduces the custom paint program using Cerakote - an ultra-thin, highly-durable, heat-cured ceramic coating.

Customers can select from the 241 H-Series colors for the following applications:

- Road Ti – Fork color
- Allroad Ti – Fork color
- Allroad AL/ALt – Frame, Fork, and Logo colors

Key is pricing that is in line with the BlackHeart ethos of quality products at a fair price:

  • $300 single color frame / second color logos
  • $100 single color fork / no logo
  • Full custom quote available upon request

H-314 Crushed Orchid
H-311 Pink Champagne
H-148 Burnt Bronze

Full custom options

We also work with several painters who can deliver anything from BlackHeart past designs, their signature designs, or bring your dream to life.


  • BlackHeart in-house
  • Mike Hurley - aka MPH Paint - delivers top notch paint and can bring any design to life, regardless of the level of detail.
  • Dr. Curtis Bullock - aka Save The Postal Service - applies his abstract artwork to create one-of-a-kind designs.