Road Ti-r

Save the Rim Brake

The greatest gift is the present. This ride, this story, is about the moment you find it. And once you experience it, you spend every ride thereafter chasing that feeling. That clarity. It’s the moment that your heartbeat, breath and pedals are in concert, and your ride becomes a symphony of flow.

Sure, calling it ‘spiritual’ may be overplayed. But this moment? When your mind is this…free. It’s hard to call it anything else. You are flying without friction.

This is Meditation at Speed

Road Ti-r
Road Ti-r
Road Ti-r
Road Ti-r
Road Ti-r
Road Ti-r
Road Ti-r
Road Ti-r
Road Ti-r
Road Ti-r

Road Ti-r




The Road Ti-r is the exact same design as the wildly successful Road Ti, but adapted for rim brakes.

Electronic or mechanical groupset compatibility.

  • Electronic orders will not have mechanical routing to maintain a clean look
  • Mechanical will route the shift cables through the downtube


  • All deposits are non-refundable.
  • Balance is due by July 31, 2024 and is non-refundable.

**A minimum of 30 orders must be received in order for production to begin. In the event that the minimum is not met by July 31, 2024, then all orders will be cancelled and deposits refunded.**

Custom Paint Program

  • We offer custom fork paint using Cerakote, an ultra-thin, highly durable, heat-cured ceramic paint.
  • Select from any of the H-Series colors.


  • Framesets include frame, fork, headset, seatpost, seatpost collar, thru axles, and spare rear derailleur hanger.
  • Builds using a carbon barstem include a 5NM torque wrench for easy and confident assembly.

**Note, some of the images on this page are from the Road Ti Disc version.**

Custom Paint

Custom fork paint can be added for $200.
Preview the most popular color combinations below.
Click Here to see all available colors.



by Chris Johnston


2024 Best Race Bike Winner

"Noted as a puristic, high-quality titanium frame, excitingly equipped and, not least, honored by the jury as an aesthetic statement, the Blackheart Road Ti wins gold at Cyclingworld Europe 2024." – Rennrad News

Modern aesthetic

A gently sloping top tube and dropped seat stays bring titanium design into the 21st century.

Aero design

Our custom kammtail downtube, one-piece carbon cockpit, fully integrated cables, and electronic only design make it slippery where it matters.

(disc brake version shown)

Magic ride

Premium 3/2.5 double-butted titanium tubing and dropped, slightly curved seatstays deliver a smooth yet snappy ride.

(disc brake version shown)

Forever material

Titanium is more durable than carbon fiber, will never rust or corrode, and is highly recyclable if the time comes.

(disc brake version shown)

Perfect fit

9 sizes fit you better, from ~5'0" to ~7'0"


BlackHeart 3Al-2.5V double butted titanium frame
BlackHeart 3Al-2.5V titanium seatpost clamp
FSA ACR Headset
(ENVE headset with ENVE bar/stem option)
BlackHeart 9mm skewer
T47-68 bottom bracket
Electronic or mechanical groupset compatibility
34.9mm front derailleur hanger size
Max chainring 53/39 double, 50 single
Max tire clearance = 28mm (limited by fork)

ENVE Road Carbon
43mm offset
367 mm axle to crown
BlackHeart 9mm skewer
Max tire clearance = 28mm

BlackHeart Ti
Dual-bolt clamp design
Round and oval rail compatability
31.6mm diameter
10mm offset
350mm length
275 grams

BlackHeart Carbon SL
Dual-bolt clamp design
Round and oval rail compatibility
31.6mm diameter
0 / 20mm offset
225 / 235 grams

Zipp SL Speed Carbon
Infinite angle clamp design
Round and oval rail compatibility
31.6mm diameter
0 / 20mm offset
187 / 197 grams

ENVE Carbon
Dual-bolt clamp design
Round and oval rail compatibility
31.6mm diameter
0 / 25mm offset
204 / 214 grams

BlackHeart integrated carbon barstem
Fully internal routing
Dust cap and spacers included
Computer mount included
Width (Tops c-to-c) = 38/40/42cm
Length = 80-120mm
Drop = 127mm
Reach = 77mm
Stem Angle = -10°
375-400 grams

Zipp ZL-70 Aero carbon handlebar
Semi-internal routing
Width (Tops c-to-c) = 38/40/42cm
Drop = 128mm
Reach = 70mm
240 grams
Zipp SL Speed carbon stem
Length = 80-120mm
Stem Angle = -6°
123 grams

ENVE SES Aero in-route carbon handlebar
fully-internal routing
Width (Tops c-to-c) = 38/40/42cm
Drop = 127mm
Reach = 79mm
267-290 grams
ENVE aero in-route carbon stem
Length = 80-120mm
Stem Angle = -7°
165-190 grams
ENVE in-route headset

Frame = 1600g (Size 54)
Fork = 350g
Seatpost = 225g
Barstem = 375-400g

Rider weight limit = 275 lb / 125 kg

Builds typically weigh 16 to 20 lbs depending on frame size, groupset, wheel, tire, and component choice.

We independently test to CPSC 1512 and ISO 4210 standards in Southern California and offer a lifetime warranty on titanium frames and seatposts as well as our carbon forks and seatposts, and aluminum frames carry a 5 year warranty against manufacturer defects for the original owner. 3rd party parts are covered under the original manufacturer's warranty.



We offer 9 sizes to fit you better, from ~ 5'0" to ~ 7'0".

Take advantage of our Perfect Fit Program for a guaranteed fit.