"Cycling needs more bikes like this" – Tara Seplavy, Bicycling Mag


Dan Chabanov from Bicycling Magazine included the Allroad Ti among his favorites at Sea Otter


David Rome from Cycling Tips gave his first impressions new Allroad Al at Sea Otter


The Gravel Cyclist stopped by our 2022 Sea Otter booth to take a look at the Allroad Ti and Al bikes.


The We Got To Hang Out podcast hosts Freya and Cree discuss the brand's evolution to a purpose-driven company with a focus on making cycling a more welcoming and inclusive space through a novel ambassador model.

Allroad Ti Review

"It's fast, flickable, sleek, and really smooth."

Allroad Al Launch

"The aluminum BlackHeart retains the Ti version's versatility at half the price."

Allroad Ti Launch

"It's designed for everything from spirited group rides to light XC."


"Luft is our home, where wework to expand cycling culture to be as welcoming as possible."


"What mattered to me wasthe feel, capability, and thelook of the bike."

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