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Our Story

// Origin

BlackHeart Bike Company was founded out of a feeling of disillusionment with the mainstream cycling industry.

"I was tired of being told that my bike was never light, fast, or stiff enough. That if I really wanted to ride I needed to spend more money year after year." – Zach Lambert, Founder

I response, Zach spent over 2 years designing a single frameset that looked and handled like a road bike on road, while having the capability of a modern gravel bike off road.

The result was the perfect bike for the majority of cycling enthusiasts.

// Evolution

Over the past 2 years we have grown primarily through community development and have shifted our focus to expanding cycling culture to be more inclusive.

What this means to us:

  1. We aim to blur the line between pop culture and cycling.
  2. We support ambassadors who have passions outside of cycling.
  3. All employees and ambassadors are given equity in BlackHeart.

We continue to build quality, versatile bikes that marry beauty and function – but we recognize that our people are what will make this company, and our sport, successful.