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BlackHeart ambassadors embody the brand ethos of inclusivity, positivity, and having a good time.

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// Andrew Drummond

Jackson, NH

Andrew is the owner of, a retail store in Jackson, NH. He is a leading voice in the exploration and promotion of the White Mountains – the birthplace of backcountry skiing in the U.S. He produces some of the best outdoor-focused content available, publishing via his Instagram accounts and YouTube channel.

// Andrew Jackson

Los Angeles, CA

Andrew grew up racing motocross competing at the amateur nationals. He progressed to BMX and became a top level professional with his ownWeThePeople signature frame. When a critical knee injury forced him to retire, he started road cycling to rehab his knee and the rest is history. Andrew’s love of travel is satisfied through his career as a director of photography shooting documentaries and working with brands such as Nike, Cartier, the NFL, and Warner Studios.

// Cody Chouinard

Venice, CA

Born and raised in Vermont, Cody’s roots are grounded in the muddy and rocky singletrack of the Northeast. Upon arriving in Southern California he quickly found purpose among the LA night riding community. With this new group of friendscame the introduction to fixed gear track bikes.Whether it was cruising the empty streets of K-Town or riding brakeless to Las Vegas, thesewere his first feelings of liberation.Cody now is a Partner at Luft Los Angeles, hones his skills as a barista at RaphaSanta Monica, and explores his passion as a photographer riding the streets and trails of LA.

// Jedidiah Jenkins

Los Angeles, CA

Jed is a story teller. From the cartels of Mexico, to the mega-churches of the US, to the Amazon in Bolivia, he has seen some crazy things. Jed speaks about choosing your life. He made the frightening decision to leave a job he loved to pursue an untested dream: bicycling to Patagonia and writing a book about it. What an idiot. But here he is, doing it, and he has quite a few things to say. He’s come to believe that living life with intention, curiosity, and wonder are foundational in the pursuit of joy.

// Kristen Kuzemko

Santa Monica, CA

Born in Toronto, Kris didn’t discover endurance sports until her 20s. She caught up quick though, running multiple marathons, a 340 mile relay race from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and cycling across Canada twice to raise money for childhood cancer research and treatment. Kris runs and rides to connect with and inspire women and girls of all ages. She's a Partner at Luft Los Angeles and is Head Of Marketing and Strategy for Sport and Human Performance at The Liminal Collective.

// Marquis Bowden

Boulder, CO

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California and currently residing in Boulder, Colorado. Chasing the dreams and inspiring to becoming a Professional Marathoner and Qualify for the next Olympic Trials in 3 years. Very much so new to cycling. But have been grateful to be mentored and share miles with some amazing riders of whom that have impacted my life greatly. Absolutely love the sport of cycling and grateful for the community for welcoming me in with open arms.

Credit: Jordan Curet @jcuret

// Randi Burley

Los Angeles, CA

Growing up in Windsor Hills, CA, Randi's intro to cycling came from working at the beloved Inglewood bike shop, City of Bicycles. For the past decade, riding brakeless or road bikes she's kept returning to cycling. What keeps her coming back is the amazing community and ability to get out of her head, when out there nothing else matters but the climb. Through being a cyclist and an Electrical Engineer, it’s her goal to always beat the odds and inspire others like her to do the same. 

// Ron Holden

Los Angeles, CA

Known best for his photography work, Ron was born and raised in Los Angeles where he runs a small creative consulting house. His work has touched multiple industries from sports to tech, to finance, and fashion. In 2020 during a covid-19 lockdown and a boiling point for social justice, Ron set out to create an experience for his community that shed light on issues that plague our society. More importantly, building a platform for individuals from all walks of life to participate in their community while riding their bikes with like-minded people. Thus, “ A peaceful ride with a peaceful message of love and unity was born”… Ride For Black Lives.

// Tyler Schwartz

Santa Monica, CA

Tyler is an unlikely product of Southern California – a beach rat turned competitive cyclist. Exploring by bike with friends from an early age, riding became much more than just a means of transportation. It wasn’t long before he turned to racing to get his competitive fix and eventually rode his way onto top teams across various disciplines in the sport. With experiences ranging from competing in UCI stage races, to one-day classics in Western Europe, the cyclocross circuit of North America, and dirt biking in the Rocky Mountains he is no stranger to the joy and freedoms that two wheels have to offer. After a long hiatus from cycling he has returned with a bright smile and a more holistic approach to the sport that he calls home. These days you can catch him tearing up your local group ride or bombing singletrack in LA… most likely wearing a t shirt.